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Christ Life Matters

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It's a message in the midst of police brutality, political corruption, and racial arguments about whose lives mattered, The Lord gave me a vision of the importance of His life mattering first. John 12:32 states [32] And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.” You see when people begin to exalt Christ and not themselves or men, then all lives truly matter. However, we cannot be just mere lip service but make His words applicable to our lives. The Lord said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us, therefore we can together with love & unity in Christ be the children of Zion & bring Heaven to earth.

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About the Founder
William Walker IV

Is a full-time evangelist born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, ordained by Elder Shedrick Hill under watchman ministries, and raised by matriarchs and patriarchs of the faith in Jesus Christ and God. William is also the founder of God’s Will people ministry, a full-time outreach ministry that focuses on ministering to the loss, the downtrodden, the broken hearted and homeless. William has been through trials and tribulations, storms persecution, and he has seen the ups and downs of life. God put it on William’s heart in 2019 in the midst of racial tension, political corruption and police brutality, to start a movement to reintroduce people to the relationship that God desires for them to have with him through his son Jesus Christ. William is a single man with no children, no brothers, and an only son with two little sisters. He’s a proud uncle to his nieces and nephews and has a desire to advance the kingdom of God every day in his life.

About the Co-founder
Aaron Fisher

Aaron Fisher is a single man with no children, never been married, a faithful Christian man from St Albans, West Virginia. He is a brother of one, and loves Jesus Christ with all his heart. God aligned William and Aaron to each other’s lives during times they both were seeking more revelation, more peace, and clarity when it came to their relationship with Christ in God. Aaron loves the Lord and seeks to win as many lost souls to the kingdom of God as he can through the message of Christ’s life matters.

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